Ex-Services Bowling Club report, February 14, 2017

JOHN (Babe) Goggin and Ron Rosengreen traded blows for a marathon game of 48 ends in a bid to obtain the maestro title.

DEDICATED: Some of bowlers at the Cootamundra Ex-Services Club this week. Picture: Contributed

DEDICATED: Some of bowlers at the Cootamundra Ex-Services Club this week. Picture: Contributed

The score for the first 17 ends were pretty tight but Ron held a slight advantage 13-9 and was shaping up to be a great tussle.

Ron skipped away to hold 10 shot advantage 25-15 at the completion of 29 ends and looked to be in control but John mounted a counter attack to only be down one shot 28-27 after 40 ends and the stage was set for an exciting finish.

The boys battled for another eight ends with the eventual winner being Ron Rosengreen 31-30. Exceptional game.

Another great battle was between father and son Bob and Adam New.

This was very close game from start to finish with the biggest margin being five shots but their can only be one winner, that was Bob on this occasion with a score of 31-28.

Peter Hoang was made to battle all the way for his win over John Curtis 31-28 after 38 ends.

Other winners were Brad Lange, Eddy Jarrott, Roy Cleveland, Neil Webb, John Harriott, Paul Cockram, Geoff Hillier, Rod Bradley, Jim White and Tony Fisher.

The draw for this week

  • Wednesday: P.Guthrie v T.McDonald, R.Hillier v G. Fisher
  • Thursday: C.Willis v T.Zervous, J.Deacon v T.Fisher, R.Rosengreen v R.Bradley, J.Harriott v D.Miller, P.Hoang v T.Curtis, R.Cleveland v S.McKellar, G.Hillier v B.Lange,
  • Friday: D.O’Neil v winner Guthrie/McDonald, B.New v B. Madden, B.Robertson v G.Hillier, N.Webb v M.O’Toole, H.Anderson v J.White, P.Cockram v G.Fisher

Only three clubs from the District were represented in District fours equaling 10 teams.

Cootamundra Ex-Services fielded half the field withfive5 teams, Young entered three teams and Cootamundra CC with two teams.

The final was played between two teams from Young with the eventual winners being I. Schofield, G. Hardman, R. Boyd and G. Egerton.

Social bowls: Sunday N.Blackett, N.Webb & Pickles had a close call winning 21-18. G.(Nippy) Field & D.(The duck) O’Neil falling just short with a 21-25 loss to O.Lopez & J.(Babe)Goggin. Wednesday saw 2 games of triples and again the card writer got it right again with 2 very close games. D.(Ginger)O’Brien, A.Small & G.Hillier winning by 2 shots 19-17. N.Cummins, R.Bradley & G. Dennis just getting before before C.Willis, P.Cockram & R.Bondaruk 23-21.

The major singles entries will close very shortly so get your name in.