Cootamundra letters to the editor, February 16, 2017

AUSTRALIAN HOSPITALITY: Cootamundra-Gundagai Australia Day 2017 ambassador Valerie Parv thanks the community for her warm welcome.
AUSTRALIAN HOSPITALITY: Cootamundra-Gundagai Australia Day 2017 ambassador Valerie Parv thanks the community for her warm welcome.

A need to leash dogs

Being a pet lover who recently buried my cat because of an attack by a vicious pig dog on Boxing Day.

I am wondering why residents need these type of dogs as well as pit bull terriers.

Is it for security protection or ego reasons?

I do not trust these dogs to either protect my family and kids as they have a reputation of being killers and are bred for fighting.

I am afraid that if just one of these dogs gets loose they could either maim or kill a child or bite other people.

I would also like to know what the council is doing about these dogs.

D O’Brien


Thanks for hospitality

In my role as an Australia Day Ambassador, I've seldom experienced a warmer reception than I did in Cootamundra recently. 

From the welcome dinner at the Olympic Hotel with many of your council representatives headed by Ken Trethewey, to the official Australia Day ceremonies at Breakfast in the Park, my visit was efficiently organised and smooth-running. 

On Australia Day I was privileged to meet many members of your community from the numerous volunteers to members of the antique motors club - and hitch a ride in Ted's gorgeous vintage car. 

All of you helped make the day memorable. In particular, thanks to Linda Wiles who arranged my program and accommodation at your beautiful Heritage Motel, to MC Paul Braybrooks OAM, his wife Judy who introduced me to so many lovely people, bush poet Michael Baldry, the members of Sing Australia, the music provided by Beaconsfield Street band, Pastor Donald's moving invocation, and the lovely presentation of local products by Regional Council Administrator Christine Ferguson. 

Congratulations to your new citizens and award-winners – as always, I was impressed by the selfless commitment over many years shown by these people, without whom the community would be much poorer. Thank you also to the organisers of your pool party and the six-foot penguin I never expected to meet. And thanks to Jennette Lees from the Cootamundra Herald for your kind words and photos. Apologies to anyone I've missed mentioning. My companion, Megan Gibson also asked me to pass on her thanks. We're already planning a "girls’ day out" when the weather cools, to enjoy all that Cootamundra has to offer. 

Valerie Parv AM

Cootamundra-Gundagai Australia Day Ambassador

Comments predictable

Pretty much a surprise to nobody that Chris Manchester came out in last week’s Harden Express echoing the words of both Nationals MP Katrina Hodgkinson and Administrator Tuckerman, telling us he believes the merger is irreversible.

He has hopped off the fence and his allegiance is no longer a mystery, if it ever was. I mean the writing was on the wall when Mike Baird laid out the ground rules early on, if you didn't play for his team, you didn't get a start. Chris was the first committee member announced.

From a humble ex-mayor in the old council to sitting at the right hand of the administrator, head of the Harden LRC, chairperson of Goldenfields and shaping up for a move into the big leagues in September along with all the spoils it brings, why would you want it to end? 

Let’s hope, however, this shambles plays out that in the future whoever represents us truly does have our best interests at heart because if we remain in the Hilltops, and I sincerely hope we don't, the road ahead will be long and frustrating for the one, maybe two from Harden that get a role. The last thing we need is career politicians, yes men/women or people who want to sit quietly in a corner and pick up their pay. The worst may well be yet to come.  

Scott Collins