Cootamundra Ladies Probus report, February 16, 2017

THE first 2017 meeting was well attended considering a number have left town or are ill. The best of luck was wished to those who have moved on and wishes for speedy recoveries to the ill. 

The Outing Officers spoke of plans for a high tea outing to Bethungra and the main item on the agenda was the reminder and program for our AGM on Monday, March 13. A light lunch will be had after the meeting.  RSVP by February 28 to Sandra Cunich.

The guest speaker at this month’s meeting was Ann McNally one of the organisers of the Local Soup Kitchen.  Ann spoke of how the idea eventuated from a thought provoking idea mentioned at a Sydney Conference suggesting to focus on your own town needy people and this is what happened, and thus, the Soup Kitchen was born nine years ago.

The initial three organisers belonged to the Baptist Church and this wonderful  project has grown so much over the years thanks to the caring initiative of those three. At the first opening, one person attended. The second week there was 13, and now, every Wednesday from 5.30pm to about 6.30pm at least 40 are freely catered for. 

Most of the food suppliers in Cootamundra now have come on board with donations of food as well as many residents who donate from their own gardens. Many volunteer their time and energy to help. 

As can be imagined there is always a need for more hands on deck.  Please think about what you may be able to do to support this wonderful, worthwhile project. Contact Anne for further inquiries.