Coota Beach keeping up with community interest

The inaugural Coota Beach Volleyball Carnival was a day to remember.

Held in 2001 in the main street with 70 tonnes of sand, 16 teams and an energetic crowd no-one dared to imagine what it would become today.

There were 27 matches during the fun-filled day. 

This weekend, 125 teams will take to the sand in a fitting testament to what the carnival has evolved into.

In 2013, the number of teams entered was raised from 96 to 112 to keep up with interest.

At the time organisers were not sure how it would get any bigger but they have managed yet again to accommodate everyone. 

Parkes has an Elvis Festival, Tamworth a Country Music Festival and Young a Cherry Festival. 

Coota Beach may not be as big as these events but it is arguably the biggest event on Cootamundra’s sporting and social calendar each year attracting visitors to town as well as family and friends who have moved on to return to town.

The carnival was born in the mind of local man Simon Sutherland and to this day is coordinated by an enthusiastic volunteer committee keen to see the town move forward. 

At the helm are Janine Ricketts and Julisia Cross, backed by a relatively small but dedicated group of hard workers. 

Last year, Doug Phillips and Gerard 'Pop' Trinder were the latest to achieve life membership of the Coota Beach committee.