Bowls at the Country Club, March 16, 2017


FIRSTLY, our Pennant results for last weekend saw the top grade having a loss on two rinks, and the aggregate to Young B Club`s No 2s.

Our Grade 3 side won two rinks and the aggregate in their contest with our neighbours, Cootamundra Ex-Services Club. on their green.

Last Friday`s Social play saw two close encounters, and one win by a sizeable margin; K Townley and A Ward had draw (20-20) with G Bushell and R Cleveland.

Next K Ryan, J  Malone, and D Manwring, had a comfortable lead at end 14, over G Cassidy, R Crowe and K Breasley, but lost six of last seven ends to be (19-19) at end 20.

However, three shots on last end sealed a + 3 win.

But the decisive win of the day was that by C Miller, W Ledger and D Wallace whose multiple scores (one six) on winning ends made the difference in their + 15 win over G Hagan, E Jarrott and R Johnson.

Tuesday`s afternoon social this week involved two games of Triples, both close contests. 

A Hutchinson, C Miller, and A Ward, after an early lead over A Krause, G Bushell and G Davidson, lost six  ends in a row, before recovering in the last half to draw level with one end to go and 2 shots on that end gave them 15 points.

C Willis, N Stubbs ( good to see Nev back) and D Bateup, struggled early with G Hagan, P Rasmussn, and  K Black, but came home in the last half for an (18-16)  win and 17.5 points to win the meat trays.

Adam won the raffle.