Cootamundra Herald letters to the editor, April 19, 2017

NEW RESOLVE: Gundagai resident Geoff Field says a new Cootamundra-Gundagai Council administrator will not stop residents speaking out against the forced merger.
NEW RESOLVE: Gundagai resident Geoff Field says a new Cootamundra-Gundagai Council administrator will not stop residents speaking out against the forced merger.

New name, same rage

So, the Cootamundra/Gundagai Regional Council has got a new administrator, Stephen Sykes, who is already predicting a wonderful and bright future for Gundagai under his supervision.   

However, Mr Sykes apparently isn’t aware that before the unwanted merger, Gundagai residents had – since council’s inception – experienced just that. And to remind Mr Sykes just how successful our former democratically-elected council was, we have the $4 million main street upgrade which is well on its way to completion and that’s just one of the many successful projects undertaken and completed by our former council. 

This is a clear indication of how successful council was. Therefore, if it isn’t broke why fix it? It is understandable why Mr Sykes is trying to paint a bright and prosperous future under his administration. 

But you cannot blame everyone for being sceptical after their forgettable experiences with his predecessor. 

I noticed that Mr Sykes has scuttled any potential of a future de-merger. Did he get this information from the horse’s mouth? Obviously, Mr Sykes is better informed than our local member, Katrina Hodgkinson and our other potential saviour, John “no-show” Barilaro. These two are supposed to be working feverishly and tirelessly behind the scenes to scrap the mergers but apparently, Mr Sykes knows more than they do.

It is only human nature for Mr Sykes to paint a rosy picture so that he can hang on to his over-generous salary. But to be brutally frank – the overwhelming majority of Gundagai residents don’t want any part of any amalgamation in any form. 

Until the administrator and the interim general manager ride off into the sunset, like ex-administrator Christine Ferguson did, then the Gundagai residents, who have had a gut-full of this entire nonsense, will not only maintain the rage – they will increase it.

Geoff Field


Poultry results from show

Mark Armstrong exhibited 10 fowls at the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Results are: First with Large Ancona Cockeral; First with Large Pullet and Champion Large Ancona Female; Third with Large Ancona Pullet; First with Bantam Ancona Cock and Champion Bantam Ancona Male; Second with Bantam Red Ancona Hen.

Sacred Heart Central School exhibited five fowls. Results are: First with Large Softfeather Light Male; Champion Large Light Softfeather; Second with Bantam Heavy Softfeather Male; Third with Bantam Heavy Softgeather Male; Second with Bantam Heavy Softfeather Female; Thierd with Bantam Heavy Softfeather Female.

Wayne and Mark Armstrong were appointed 2017 stewards. Mark Armstrong was helping to take photos for birds to be at auction. The highest price of bird was Trio of Sussex for $700.

Robyn Armstrong was asked to judge modern game bantams. She put up a cockeral for champion male and pullet for champion female. A specialist judge for show put up the male for champion hardfeather bantam male and champion male at the show. He put up the female for champion hardfeather bantam female.

Mark Armstrong


A quiet time for thoughts

Last week, some (Fairfax) newspapers carried an article about “how Good Friday in Australia compares to the rest of the world”.

Saying that, “Good Friday just got slightly more lively in Australia”…referring to the (yawn) AFL football match.

And that, “still the quietest day of the year…Good Friday is no big deal”.

Incorrect. Quietness is a very big deal – a scarce commodity, worth cherishing where it survives.

Quiet minds become full of thoughts – about life, about purpose, about meaning, about God.

Arnold Jago

Nichols Point