Post-Easter increase at Saleyards

Jeff White

Jeff White

Cootamundra Saleyards and Associated agents held its fortnightly sale on Wednesday with a yarding of 4735 head, an increase of more than 500 head.

The market was made up of 3709 lambs, 852 ewes, 77 hoggets, 45 wethers, 39 rams and 13 old sheep.

It was a full contingent of buyers present with some excellent runs of trade and heavy weight lambs along with high quality mutton.

With buyers keen to fill orders after the Easter break, they operated in a market that matched and improved the previous fortnight.

Quality was the main driver with some lambs once again over the $7/kg CW.

Top price of the day went to Keith and Allan Pether with a quality pen of XB lambs making $200.

With an estimated CW of 29kg and carrying a $8 skin, they came back at $6.65/kg CW and were knocked down to Fletchers International with a single bid.

22 to 24kg CW trade lambs made between $160 to $182, fully firm.

20 to 23kg CW trade lambs made between $140 to $165 a gain of $3.

16 to 20kg CW lambs made between $90 & $125 to be $5 dearer, with the processors also purchasing some to be returned to the paddock.

Most of the above lambs were on the $6.50 to $7.10 mark CW. 

The mutton market was strong with heavy old ewes with a big jacket topping at $154 or about $4.60/kg CW. 

Medium framed ewes made between $120 to $145 and reaching $5/kg CW. 

Light boner mutton made from $70 to $80. 

All mutton averaged $118 and averaged between $4.40 to $5/kg CW.

Limited hoggets made to a top of $153 to average $119 (about $5 gain).

- Market quotations provided by saleyard manager Jeff White.