Bowls at the Country Club, May 17, 2017

IN THE Major Division R Johnson had a 31-22 victory over J Malone. R Crowe had a similar win, 33-24, against P Rasmuussen. M Barber was behind early with A Hutchinson, and drew level at 28-all and pulled out all stops to record his 31-28 win.

In the Minor Division, D Harris made a great comeback, down 12-23, to K Townley, to record a 32-26 victory.

Social games saw 20 players on Friday, and a couple of big wins in pairs. G Hagan and R Rosengreen had a plus 32 shot win over P Rasmussen and D Wallace. C Willis and D Harris thought they had a winner with their plus 28 over K Badcock and E Jarrott, but just second this time. Triples saw a plus 6 to G Cassidy, K Black, and G Davidson, for their win over W Watmore, G Munz, and M Barber, and a plus 3 to J LeLievre, W Ledger, and K Breasley  over A Krause , A Hutchinson, and A Ward.

A good roll-up on Tuesday of 20 players, but no familiar sounds of “play another one like that and I’ll never forget you” coming from Scobie and the explanation lay in the figures on his card, as he and his partner Graham Bushell, were only allowed to score on three ends by opposition Roy Cleveland and Ron Rosengreen,who won the meat trays with their 25-point score as a result.

Neville Stubbs was back in town and paired with John Cooper scored 16. 5.against Charlie Willis and Don Manwaring. Sixteen points were scored from the win by N Apps, D Guthrie, and  A Ward over W Watmore, B Ledger and R Smith. A draw was the order of the day for K Badcock, E Jarrott, and R Johnson against G Cassidy, J Malone, and  D Wallace.