Bowls at the Country Club, June 15, 2017

AGAIN, a couple of Major Singles Championships to  report, one where Michael Barber made a significant statement with his (32-11) defeat of Des Guthrie, and two, after a slow start, where Ron Johnson enforced his skill and ability to use the bowling arm and defeat Ron Rosengreen (32- 24) who kept clawing his way back but could not overtake Ron Johnson once he got to the lead in this game.

Last Friday`s social games saw the best card come in from C Willis and R Johnson with their 20 margin over W Watmore and K Townley.

Then we had a 11-shot win by J O`Louhglin and D Harris over G Cassidy and B Lange. G. Hagan, P Rasmussen and J Malone had four-shot win over A Hutchinson, A Ward and R Cleveland. Jackpot remained intact.

Three games last Sunday, with a plus 15 shots for best card coming from G Hagan, E Jarrott, and R Rosengreen  who defeated K Black, T Ward and D Manwaring.

Then came W Watmore, A Ward, and R Smith with plus 12 over C Willis, P Rasmussen, and R Johnson.and lastly a plus 10 for D Wallace, D Harris, and G Davidson over C Miller, R Cleveland and W Manwaring. Again no Jackpot won.

Four Pairs games to report from last Tuesday and G Hagan and K Breasley showed some superiority on the day to take the meat trays by defeating  B Gibson and D Wallace and register 21 points.

Next best was 19.5 points for the win by G Cassidy and G Davidson over C Miller and D Bateup.

Then came a 17.5 points for the win by R Williams and G Worboys over G Bottrell and D Harris.

Lastly W Watmore and J Cooper scored 16 points by defeating G Bushell, and A Ward. The raffle was won by Wayne Watmore.