What's your favourite? World Emoji Days kicks off to celebrate stickers across the globe

If there’s ever an excuse to let your favourite online stickers do the talking, today’s the day to cash in. 

Today (Monday July 17) is World Emoji Day and hands tech-savvy messengers the opportunity to celebrate their emoji-usage in style. 

A recent Facebook report found that over 5 billion emojis are sent every day via Messenger and it’s clear these little critters have become a hefty part of day-to-day life in the 21st century. 

To celebrate today’s emoji holiday, Facebook has rounded up some quirky facts about emoji use on their site and on Facebook Messenger.

Here's a few little tid-bits you might not know about Facebook emojis:

  1. The most-used emoji on Facebook is the laugh-cry emoji (😂) (also topped most used emoji on Twitter). This is closely followed by the heart-eyes emoji. 
  2. Facebook Messenger users are full of affection: In the U.K., Thailand, Canada, and Brazil, the top Messenger emojis were all heart-related while the U.S. and India both blew kisses to their friends with the kiss-heart emoji. Australia is generally more subdued, preferring a simple smiley emoji. 
  3. Nine of the top-10 most used emoji on Facebook convey positive emotions

What’s your favourite? Do you use emojis?

Are you an emoji-er or are you an emoji-nah? 

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