Guilty plea entered in Cootamundra Local Court

In Cootamundra Local Court on Monday, Todd Slaven entered a guilty plea to seven counts of stealing from his former employer South West Fuel Centre. 

In total, Slaven took $259,572.50 between January 2010 and October 2016.

Court documents state he did this by not processing Epay and Vpay vouchers through the cash register as per company policy. 

He would ring cash sales up as ‘Layaway Sales’ (a system allowing known customers to store transactions temporarily until they return with payment) before placing the money under the register tray. 

He has been identified on CCTV footage taking this same money from the bottom of the register and placing it in a cupboard where staff members kept their personal items. 

While other staff members used the Layaway Sales function once a month or less, Slaven was using it in excess of 20 times a day. 

Slaven commenced work with the company as a console operator at their Cootamundra service station in February 2004.

Despite years of missing money, his activity was not picked up on until September last year when an administration staff member approached management over the high dollar value going through the Epay and Vpay terminals. 

By October 2016 management had their suspicions about Slaven and went to police reporting they believed he had stolen a substantial amount of money.

In the process of their investigations, police obtained Slaven’s bank records which revealed he was living grossly out of proportion to his income. 

He had paid $185,000 off his home loan in a four-year period and had also booked an overseas holiday complete with business class flights. 

With a plea entered, the court ordered pre-sentence and psychological reports.

Slaven will re-appear in Cootamundra Local Court on Monday, October 16.