Results for Cootamundra bridge

Kate Graham, Joan Adams, Loo Manning and Mary Norton-Knight.
Kate Graham, Joan Adams, Loo Manning and Mary Norton-Knight.

MONDAY: four table Mitchell and it’s wonderful to see the newer players getting into the top results. N/S 1st: Val Robinson and Joyce Cavanagh, 61.81, 2nd Sally Lawler and Jeanette Howse, 59.72, 3rd Lee Furness and Bob Laing, 4th Margot Gill & Judith Harris. E/W 1st: Joan Adams & Barb Beveridge, 61.11, 2nd Frank Davidson & Kathy Rolfe, 58.35, 3rd Annie MacMaster & Judy Balnaves, 4th Julie Jenkins and Margaret Whiteley.

Tuesday: eight table Mitchell relay event.

N/S 1st Annie MacMaster & Barb Beveridge with 63.10. 2nd Loo Manning & Judy Emery with 58.33, 3rd Annette Hume & Belinda Scott on 54.17 and 4th Sally Lawler & Lyn Ramsay with 53.27. E/W 1st Barbie Hufton and Sue Lenehan on 61.90, 2nd Joan Adams & Kate Graham on 59.23, 3rd Timmie Smirl & Jean Shea with 52.38 and fourth Michele Baldry and Colleen Honner.

  • Young Charity Weekend, August 26 and 27 (contact Frank).
  • Australia-Wide Pairs Event Monday evening session, August 28.
  • If you wish to play get your names in with Jenny who will be back from Queensland next week.