Nationals, Shooters, Independents lining up for Cootamundra by-election, Country Labor yet to confirm candidate

CANDIDATES: Matthew Stadtmiller (Shooters), Jim Saleam (Independent) and Stephanie Cooke (Nationals) are awaiting a Country Labor nominee.
CANDIDATES: Matthew Stadtmiller (Shooters), Jim Saleam (Independent) and Stephanie Cooke (Nationals) are awaiting a Country Labor nominee.

The Cootamundra by-election date is set in stone for Saturday, October 14 and candidates are preparing for what promises to be a fiery election.

Last week's headlines were dominated by 'Nazi slur' accusations flung between the Nationals and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers but attentions now turn to the campaign trail.

Three of the four slated candidates are all but confirmed with Country Labor the only party yet to announce a formal nominee. 

Australia First Party president and Cootamundra independent Jim Saleam will submit his nomination later this month and travel throughout the electorate during late September.

“After I’ve filed my nomination in Cootamundra, I’ll be heading out to West Wyalong where we have some supporters,” Dr Saleam said.

“Then I’ll be going to see our friends in Young and Cowra.”

The controversial independent said the fight against forced amalgamations would continue to drive his campaign.

"I've been over all the literature extensively and I haven't seen a fundamental or overarching reason behind it because it's not about a better government,” Dr Saleam said.

"We can offer reasons why the mergers occurred.”

Meanwhile, Nationals candidate Stephanie Cooke has pledged to support the fledgling council.

“Whether you support amalgamations or not, you want the best outcome for these communities,” she said. “The new CGRC must be given a chance to succeed and work together.”

Ms Cooke admitted the merger had been dealt with poorly in the past but said the region must look ahead and give the council a “fair go”.

“It has been a difficult time and it should have been handled differently,” she said. “But I think this group deserves a go and I’ll be supporting them.”

It’s been a more hands-on approach from Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate Matthew Stadtmiller who has been sighted around Cootamundra this week.

TheHerald has contacted Country Labor for further comments on their nominee however former candidate Charlie Sheahan is widely tipped to reprise his role and run again.