What’s on people’s minds in Letters to the Editor?

A plea for sponsorship for the Riverina Redneck Rally has been put out by residents keen to see it thrive. Picture: Talia Pattison
A plea for sponsorship for the Riverina Redneck Rally has been put out by residents keen to see it thrive. Picture: Talia Pattison

Enough to drive you crazy

The NBN has caused numerous problems to those who have had it already installed. It consistently fails and people are becoming more frustrated with a service that isn't there. Yet Telstra keeps reminding people by mail and phone contact to hurry up and get it connected as time is running out.

Between this and the electricity hikes, where people are encouraged to turn off their air conditioners at midday in high temperatures to ease the drag on the grid, it’s enough to drive the people crazy.

At this rate, the government is heading for early retirement.

The opposition, who are just as nutty, are the only alternative, but destined to create further damage, giving the people little hope of any reprieve of any nature in the future.

God help the future generations who will have to wear the sins of stupidity of the government past and present – these so called leaders of their nation.

This is what happens when the inch is given unfavourably; its only logical that the expectation of further unfavourable progress will and has and still is forcing and demanding the mile.

Yvonne Rance


Intervention is the key

A Fairfax Media article on November 1 confirms that government intervention is the key cause of high and rising childcare costs. 

One the one hand is reams of government imposed red tape which makes it immensely costly to set up a child care centre. 

This has the effect of reducing supply. 

On the other hand are government subsidies which drive up demand for childcare. 

These two factors combined have caused rapid price increases. 

Governments should cut red tape on the childcare sector by removing qualification requirements for childcare staff, eliminating minimum child-to-staff ratios, and reforming planning and zoning laws to reduce the cost of opening a childcare centre. 

Daniel Wild

Institute of Public Affairs

Sponsorship proposal for good cause

We invite you to become a sponsor for our father-son team at the Annual "Riverina Redneck Rally 2018". 

The first Car Rally was held on March 18, 2017 and raised an amazing $123,614 for Country Hope, which is a Riverina/Murray-based organisation offering support to children diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. 

The primary source of funding for Country Hope is from corporate sponsors and community fundraisers.

Due to the fact that they receive no Government funding like a lot of the larger support groups, money raised by us stays in the MIA. 

This is the reason why we decided to become a part of the fundraising champions to support Country Hope who are the sole beneficiary of all our fundraising efforts. 

After the very first Riverina Redneck Rally was run it became the largest fundraiser that Country hope has ever had and we are aiming to try and double this amount on the second rally. 

As a Riverina Redneck Rally competitor we are to raise funds to aid Country Hope. 

Once our team was accepted into the rally we then must raise a minimum of $2500 to be eligible to participate in the rally. 

Your Donation or Sponsorship for our Team not only helps out Country Hope but also enables this great fundraising event to continue to be a successful event each year. 

Donations - This can be as little as $2 but every little bit helps achieve our goal. 

Jeff and Mat Johnson

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