Cootamundra squash spring competition

WITH the spring competition in full swing now, it was another week of great squash played at the Cootamundra squash centre.

Spring squash

Spring squash

On Monday night, the Red team was too good against the Yellow team, by winning two out of three matches. 

Mitch Bowden won his match in four games against Clancy Bennett, and Barbara Coombe won her match in three games against Harry Watson. 

Billy Sullivan was the only player for his team, Yellow, to win his match in three games against Tom Crick.

The Blue team was also too strong against the Green team, as they won three out of four matches.

Both Karen McMinn and Kurtis Robinson won their matches in three games against Daniel Robinson and Bernie Robinson. 

Jim Hogan won his match in a tough four setter against Tyson Smith. 

Lynette Sargent, from team Green, won her match via a forfeit from Tom Campbell.

On Thursday night, the Troopers were too strong for the Rabbits, by winning both matches. 

Tony Sheedy won his match in five tough games against Mitch Bowden, and Peter Vesperman won his in three tough matches against Phil Bowden.

Lastly the Mitchelins team played well to win two out of three matches, against the Chickens. 

Graeme Johnson won his match due to a forfeit against Robert Spencer, and Daniel Fry won his match in four games against Karen McMinn. 

Bruce Webb, from team Chickens, won his match in a forfeit against Josh Chamberlain.

Well done to all the teams and players who won their matches on the night.


PLEASE note that the Squash Championships are not going to be played on this Sunday, November 19, as anticipated. 

Please refer to facebook for further information.

For bookings please ring 6942 2576 on Monday and Thursday nights between 6pm and 8pm.