Bowls at the Country Club

TUESDAY found the selectors doing a good job with the 17 players (one still in the office when cards made out played as a swinger) as cards reveal.

For  example, C Willis, KTownley, and E Jarrott, scored15.5 points by defeating G Hagan, K Townley, and G Bushell. Next K Badcock and B Gibson had a 16.5 point plus five win over K Bottrall and R Cleveland, and another 16.5 points plus nine was scored by G James and M Barber with their defeat of W Hopgood and G Davidson. All pretty even you will agree but the couple to upset the apple cart were W Watmore and D Bateup who simply out bowled N Stubbs and Ole Arty  to finish with 19.5 points and the meat trays.

The raffle tray was won by Mike Barber, who incidentally, was welcomed back from his visit to his mother in England.