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BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: Harold Packham with Keith Phillips enjoying a buggy ride around Harden for Harold's 95th birthday recently. Picture: Contributed
BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: Harold Packham with Keith Phillips enjoying a buggy ride around Harden for Harold's 95th birthday recently. Picture: Contributed

Do not discriminate 

Having been in business for some years, I am wryly amused at the comments by some people that businesses should be free to discriminate against customers of whom they disapprove. 

Businesses can decide now whether they will serve everyone or indeed no one. 

If they wish to remain in business, it seems to me that customer’s beliefs have nothing to do with the money that they spend which, of course, businesses rely on in order to stay in business.

Mary Kidson


Garage sale confusion

I was very disappointed with the Rotary Club for the effort they put in towards organising the town garage sale. There was no advertising in papers. I went down town in the morning and could not find a flyer anywhere. Went into the newsagent and was lucky enough to be in right place at right time (a gentleman gave me his). He was an out-of-towner and only visited four places (he’d had enough). The map was was hard to follow, not enough signage and why was it held Remembrance Day?

If the organisations of Junee want the public’s support they need to give a little back.

Dorothy Considine


Sincere apologies

The Australian Red Cross has now thoroughly reviewed the incidents of Red Cross regular giving collectors in Junee on Friday, October 20.

These people were genuine, and should have been easily identifiable with their red T-shirts and an identifying lanyard.

Unfortunately, they were meant to be working in Wagga, not Junee, and this caused confusion for head office. 

We are doing all we can to ensure this does not reoccur.

They were also not collecting any cash. 

I can assure you that the International Red Cross does pass on all our monies collected for various causes. 

The Junee Red Cross is always informed when there are people in our area. 

If you have any concerns, please contact a member from our branch. 

Pam Halliburton, Secretary of Junee-Illabo Red Cross 

Enough to drive you crazy

The NBN has caused numerous problems to those who have had it already installed.

It consistently fails and people are becoming more frustrated with a service that isn't there.

Yet Telstra keeps reminding people by mail and phone contact to hurry up and get it connected as time is running out.

Between this and the electricity hikes, where people are encouraged to turn off their air conditioners at midday in high temperatures to ease the drag on the grid, it’s enough to drive the people crazy.

At this rate, the government is heading for early retirement.

The opposition, who are just as nutty, are the only alternative, but destined to create further damage, giving the people little hope of any reprieve of any nature in the future.

God help the future generations who will have to wear the sins of stupidity of the government past and present – these so called leaders of their nation.

This is what happens when the inch is given unfavourably; its only logical that the expectation of further unfavourable progress will and has and still is forcing and demanding the mile.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith

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