Wallendbeen CWA news

Members were welcomed to the first meeting of Wallendbeen CWA after the summer break. 

A letter of thanks was tabled from the residents at Stockton Centre following the donation sent at Christmas.

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 and Cootamundra will celebrate on Saturday, March 10 with an impressive list of female performers, at a celebratory event.           

Lots of sultural activities were held during the Christmas break.

Jennifer had joined with a Sing Australia group, singing on the steps at Saint  Mary's Cathedral, in Sydney the 12 days leading to Christmas.

Sue had been to Russia and enthusiastically told of her cultural activities which included opera, ballet and Tchaikovsky music.

Sue will be our guest speaker at the next meeting telling members more of her wonderful trip.

Congratulations were extended to Michael and Natalie Wilkinson  on their Wallendbeen crop win, a great achievement.

Mention was made of the cultural study for members  this year, "The Woman of Note".

This year the Woman of Note is Annette Kellerman, a great Australian woman, who overcame adversity and ill health to become a champion swimmer and Hollywood legend.

More importantly she is a positive example to women everywhere.

Ann gave us interesting facts about the three Polish national animals.

  1. The bison - there are over 1500 living in state reserves and private farms
  2. The white eagle - Poland's oldest and official symbol. It is now the main part of the Polish Coat of Arms.
  3. The white stork - 30,000 pairs arrive in South Poland at the end of March. Poland is thought to be the last stronghold for these birds.     

Mention was made of the currency, one zloty equal to 37 cents.

Marie Curie was  the first Polish woman to receive a Nobel Prize, in fact she won a second Nobel Prize, during WWII for organising mobile X-ray teams. Her first had been for physics.

Seven Wallendbeen students were fortunate to receive scholarships for their education, totalling $2550, from Phillip Group, a Sydney-based branch.

Next meeting: Wallendbeen hall on Tuesday, March 13 at 2pm. Hostesses C Buchanan, R Bradford and E Bassingthwaighte. Wednesday, March 14 is the Hume Group council and handicraft day at Junee.