Cootamundra Saleyards & Associated Agents sale

THE Cootamundra Saleyards and Associated Agent held its fortnightly sale, with a solid yarding of 4556  head, which was up about 1200 head from the previous sale. 

The market consisted of 3755 lambs, 418 ewes, 266 hoggets, 24 rams, and 93 old sheep.

With a only a few lead pens from most agents the quality of the sale was not as good as previous sales and adding to that with three regular southern buyers not present, it was quoted by the agents as one of the toughest market for a number of years with some of the lambs back $15 to $20 in some places. 

Trade lambs in the 20kg to 24kg range presented well, although they were not spared the hit with most up to $15 cheaper than a fortnight ago, but in the same price range as other regional yards, over the last week.

Some store lambs were snapped up by the feed-lotters and did make up to $120, although most of the store lambs went to the processors. 

Most prices for trade lambs were in the range of $5.70 to $6.10kg CW.

Top price of the day for lambs went once again to Irene Morton of Muttama, with a quality pen of fresh shorn XB lambs making $155.

These lambs, with an estimated carcase weight of 26kg and a skin value of $6 came back at $5.75kg CW and were knocked down to Fletchers International on a knock call.


  • XB Trade Lambs: 24 to 26kg CW made from $145 to $155; 20 to 24kg CW made from $130 to $140; 18 to 20kg CW made from $120 to $130; 16 to 18 KG  CW made from $100 to $115; 14 to 16 KG CW made from $65 to $80.

There was some good runs of heavy mutton.

The market was  mainly firm on last sale with good wooly old ewes topping out at $134 and the hoggets sold very well to top out at $151.

The top price mutton went to a pen of heavy shorn ewes making $ 134.

Lighter mutton made between $75 to $95 per head with boner mutton making between $30 to $50.

Most mutton ranged between $3.80 to $4.20kg CW.

  • Cootamundra Sale Yards and Associated Agents next sale is Wednesday, March 21 at 8.30am. Please book early with your preferred agent.