Suspended jail sentence given to man for assault in pub

A Jugiong man has been given a suspended jail sentence following an assault at a Gundagai pub in December last year that left the victim with 18 stitches.

Cameron David Batt, 25, was charged with reckless wounding after he struck the victim at the Criterion Hotel.

In Cootamunda Local Court last Friday, Batt’s legal representative Kathyrn Holt said he wanted take the opportunity to formally apologise to the victim but bail conditions had prevented that.

On December 15 last year, Batt attended the Criterion Hotel and while at the bar there were some words exchanged between Batt and another man.

Neither man had met each other before and Ms Holt said the victim pointed at Batt’s chest while at the bar.

“It’s to my client’s utmost regret that he head-butted the victim and then struck him with his right hand,” she said.

In Batt’s right hand was his schooner glass and Ms Holt said it was not his intention to strike the man with the glass.

According to police facts tendered to the court, Batt hit the left-side of the victim’s head, resulting in a large cut to his face and left temple.

Batt then threw several more punches.

“He [Batt] handed himself in the next morning to police,” Ms Holt said.

“He now no longer visits pubs or clubs after football training, and has significantly reduced his alcohol consumption.”

Ms Holt said Batt had entered a plea of guilty immediately and “throws himself at the mercy of the court”.

Ms Holt said Batt “fully owns” his actions and now if presented with the same situation would “walk away” or encourage someone else to walk away.

Magistrate Michael O’Brien observed that Batt’s actions had been fuelled by alcohol which said was not a “mitigating factor”.

“There’s no doubt when sobriety overcame you and you had time to reflect you must have wondered how you got yourself into this situation,” Magistrate O’Brien said.

“This could have ended someone’s life.

“Someone you had never met before, who was simply waiting to be served.”

Magistrate O’Brien told Batt that his actions affected other people including his family, however he credited Batt for handing himself in to the police.

“The victim will remember this night, every time he shaves his face, of a drunken buffoon,” he said.

“In addition to cutting his face you threw several more punches.”

Batt was convicted and sentenced 15 months in jail, which was suspended.

“I sincerely hope that you have in reality addressed the monster that lies within. If you re-offend you will become your own jailer.”