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5 Inspiring web design trends to consider in 2022

5 Inspiring web design trends to consider in 2022

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Web technology is constantly evolving, enabling web designers to make innovative design ideas a reality. Web designers are leveraging everything from stunning animations to artificially intelligent chatbots to enhance user experience.

Let's go through the top 5 web design trends in 2022 and discuss how they can improve user experience.

Smart content load

In recent years, user experience (UX) has become a niche in web design. Optimised user experience is a leading factor for website success. Many websites leverage design templates containing heavy graphical and third-party elements.

These elements look pretty on paper but miserably fail when it comes to offering faster loading times. As a result, all the effort of creating stunningly beautiful web designs goes to waste.

Fortunately, web developers have now found a way to navigate this problem through the smart content load. Simply put, smart content load allows websites to show visitors only what they need to see.

By using smart content loading, you can implement innovative design ideas without compromising on website speed.

Personalised content

Offering personalised content is an excellent way to boost customer engagement. Website visitors appreciate when you care about them and consider their behaviours, needs, and interests.

Many websites already leverage cookies to gain key insights into visitors. We can leverage information gathered from web cookies to make content suggestions to customers based on their interests.

Cinema-style homepage

Video stories are one of the most effective design elements when it comes to user engagement.

Many top websites are now implementing a cinema-like experience in homepages. These cinema-style home pages quickly grab visitors' attention and offer users a unique design experience.

Dark and light mode toggle

You don't have to be a scientist to understand that people have different preferences. Not everyone likes a light layout in web design. Many website users prefer a website that follows a dark theme.

Offering users the option to toggle between dark and light modes gives them a sense of control. However, before enabling options to toggle dark and light modes, it's essential to choose the right colour palettes.

Using the right colour palette ensures that content stays visible regardless of which layout users prefer. On the other hand, failing at this can affect content visibility and harm your website instead of helping it.

Human-like chatbots

Like many other domains, AI and machine learning is taking over web design too. Over the years, many businesses have used chatbots to engage with customers and improve the overall user experience.

Thanks to AI and machine learning, chatbots are becoming smarter than ever in 2022.

Chatbots are now better equipped at understanding customer queries and effectively answering them.

They can interact with visitors just like humans and play a key role in pushing leads down the sales funnel.

New design trends allow us to offer customers a unique design experience.

That being said, incorporating every new web design trend into your website can make it a mess.

Instead of experimenting with new design ideas, ask a Brisbane web design agency to implement creative design ideas that are best suited for your business.