Cootamundra High School students step up for World's Greatest Shave

Cootamundra High School’s World’s Greatest Shave on Thursday, March 17 resulted in thousands of dollars donated to the Leukaemia Foundation.

Ebony Davey, this year’s vice-captain, had her mid-length hair shaved off netting $4,600 for the charity. 

$1000 of this came from a generous donation by Tom Schade of Central Air Services. 

She took to the stage with hairdresser Emma Axsentieff who sectioned her hair into small pony tails before cutting them off with scissors then going over Ebony’s whole head with clippers. 

Asked how she felt after her hair was shaved off, Ebony said “lighter”.

Ebony loses her locks for charity.

Meanwhile school captain Lorcan Elleman, Ethan Schultz and Ben Newman, the youngest of the boys in year nine, all lined up to have their legs waxed for the top cause. 

Ethan has his leg hair waxed as part of the World's Greatest Shave.

School principal Neil Reaper was not going to miss out on the action, having his goatee-style beard shaved in front of the students. 

Mr Reaper finishes with a clean-shaven look.

A gold coin donation out-of-uniform day for students added to the final tally.