Bowls at the Country Club, April 20, 2017

EASTER period took a slice out of our bowls activities, so just a run down of Tuesday`s games this week.

Two championship games to begin, and firstly a major singles between two of the younger generation, namely Brad Lange and Ron Rosengreen, which saw Ron begin and finish strongly in his win.

He won the first five ends for a 11-shot lead and then when Brad  looked a threat at (23-24) won the last four ends for a (32-23 ) victory.

The second game was G Hagan and G Davidson versus B Stephens and D Wallace in a major pairs shoot out, and as expected, it was a hard fought match.

Bernie and Doug led the game for first 16 ends and were levelled on the 17th end (16-16) but dominated last  four ends for a (21-17) victory. While that drama was unfolding 16 chaps were enjoying some social play with one eye on the champs next door. All good games; selectors take a bow! 

All good games; selectors take a bow!

Arthur Ward

A draw for B Gibson and D Wallace with G Bushell and JCooper, (23-23).  Two games with 17 point wins; G Bottrell and A Ward over G Cassidy and D Guthrie (21-19) and C Willis and E Jarrott over R Williams and W Ledger, (23-18). Thus to the meat tray winners; K Black and D O`Neill  who defeated  C Miller and  R Johnson (19-15) for 18 points. Bernie Stephens had the winning raffle ticket.