Results for Cootamundra bridge

MONDAY: four table Mitchell Relay movement. N/S Sally Lawler & Jeanette Howse with an amazing 68.06 and best overall, 2nd Joyce Meale & Jenny McAinsh, 59.03, 3rd Annette Hume & Jean Shea, 4th Jan Gavin & Cathie Tolmie. E/W Barb Beveridge & Joan Adams, 59.72, 2nd Jane Storey & Carol East, 50, 3rd Frank Davidson & Julie Jenkins and 4th Judith Harris & Margot Gill.

It’s wonderful to see our newer players doing so well.   

Tuesday: nine table Mitchell. N/S  Barb Beveridge & Annie MacMaster, 60.62, 2nd Judith Harris & Jane Storey, 59.95, 3rd Caroline Hermes & Heather Last, 58.80, 4th Loo Manning & Mary Norton-Knight, 52.31 and 5th Sally Lawler & Lyn Ramsay, 51.39.  

E/W Joan Adams & Kate Graham with an outstanding 70.83 well clear from 2nd place which was Jenny McAinsh and Frank Davidson, 57.41, 3rd Sue Lenehan & Barbie Hufton, 56.48 and 4th Jude Hillam & Cathie Bragg, 51.39.

The Australia Wide Novice Pairs Event is May 30. Don’t forget to get your names in for the Bridge Day in Young on July 27. 

Contact Jenny to play on Monday on 0408 475 411, and Jane by email for Tuesday.