Cootamundra Herald letters to the editor, May 19, 2017

ON THE OUTSIDE: Former Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council administrator Christine Ferguson and former general manager Ken Trethewey.
ON THE OUTSIDE: Former Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council administrator Christine Ferguson and former general manager Ken Trethewey.

Geoff’s strong opinions

Dear Geoff Field!

He gets almost as many letters into the Cootamundra Herald as Bob Guy get into the Sydney Morning Herald

And, I so look forward to one of Geoff's letters; they force even me to put pen to paper.

Just a couple of points about his recent effort, on Citizenship Pledge, deportation and Australian values etc.

Take Gundagai, for example, a small, lively community, proud and by all reports, friendly and welcoming, big-hearted and generous, so people say. 

Moreover, they want to stay that way, according to Geoff. 

No wonder we in Cootamundra love calling into Gundagai for sporting visits, checking out the main street, having a coffee and feeling at home.

The other thing is Geoff's concern about Christine Ferguson and Ken Trethewey. 

Geoff is worried that these two public servants under instructions from The Powers that Be, have made mistakes. 

Fair enough, Geoff, we are all human as you are so fond of saying. 'To err is human, to forgive divine'.

Before I let my pen run away with me and alienate the person I so want to influence, I will stop here. 

Fairness, empathy, opennness and courage are all part of our heritage as Australians and as human beings. 

They are precious and fragile qualities, so easily lost.  We are right to defend and cultivate them at every opportunity.

Richard White


Donation appreciated

On behalf of the Maternity Ward at the Cootamundra Hospital we would like to give Jenny a huge thumbs up for the kind donation of awesome beanies for newborn babies at the hospital.

Many hours went into the knitting of the beanies and Jenny's generosity is much appreciated.

Kerry Lindeman

Cluster Manager

Cootamundra Hospital

Pell a valued ‘target’

The media say that Cardinal George Pell may soon face criminal charges.

We’re never going to know for sure what really happened on the occasions complained about.

What we do know is that there are people with lots of clout who will never rest until they have “got” the Cardinal – one way or another.

Everybody knows that child abuse mostly happens in domestic situations, e.g. boyfriends of single mums interfering with her children – something we don’t like talking about.

Our “royal commission” has been obsessed with discrediting Catholic identities.

Others guilty of child abuse are more likely to be ignored – or even become rich and famous.

One famous example being Mrs Macron.

Shouldn’t she be in gaol?

Why not?

Arnold Jago

Nichols Point

Attack on retirees

This is an attack by the Turnball government and an all at sea treasurer, who is starting to make Joe Hockey look like a genius. 

It will now push more self-funded retirees onto the full aged pension as their returns at the present time are near zero from banks and the stock market. 

The only people making money are overpaid directors, bankers and fund managers with their million dollar salaries and perks, usually hidden away in tax free havens, which can be closed at the stroke of a pen. 

If governments had the guts to start caring.

GR Hall