Ladies Probus news, August 17, 2017

ADVICE: Real estate agent Janet McAtear spoke to Ladies Probus about retiring and downsizing your home.
ADVICE: Real estate agent Janet McAtear spoke to Ladies Probus about retiring and downsizing your home.

MANY Probus Ladies gathered together again for this month’s meeting to enjoy fun, friendship and fellowship.

President Helen welcomed everyone especially three ladies who came along to see for themselves what members experienced at our get together.

Hopefully, they were impressed and will consider joining our club.

After the meeting was officially opened two of our members agreed to give a very interesting informal talk about the life adventures they each experienced in the process of growing up through childhood, school and work years.

The outings’ organisers Margaret and Patsy listed a planned day out this month to Wombat for morning tea and then on to Wallenbeen Pub for lunch exploring the areas as we go. 

A car pool will be the mode of travel with lots of fun for those on board.


THE six members having birthdays this month were given a special invitation by President Helen for a birthday morning tea to enjoy and celebrate the occasion.

The meeting hostesses for the day, Sally and Bette, served a delicious morning tea enjoyed by all. 

Then it was time to hear the guest speaker for the day, Janet McAtear. 

Janet works for a local real estate business, which gives her a lot of experience in the subject of her talk, The Pros and Cons of Downsizing for Retirees. 

She confirmed that it is a very big decision to make for a lot of people, especially if it means leaving a house that has been the family home for years, with lots of meaningful memories to remember. 

Her advice was to take all circumstances into consideration such as health, financial position, be aware of the laws relating to your own situation, excepting available help in the house if needed. 

Retirement village housing could be another alternative . Janet also suggested possibly renting a small house or house- sit for a short period to get an idea if a change in living conditions satisfies. 

Questions and answers followed Janet's talk after which Bette thanked her very much for such an informative and relevant talk.


The next meeting is September 11 with light lunch to follow.

It is suggested to wear something promoting spring. Do come and enjoy.